Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What to Wear Under Your Wedding Gown

As often as I hear: "I'm going to lose weight before my wedding", I get asked: "What the heck am I supposed to wear under this?" Here are the questions I get asked the most from brides visiting our consignment boutique and my answers to them:

Do I have to wear white under my wedding dress? can wear whatever you want since it is your day. Most brides wear white or ivory even if their wedding gown is not see-through. If the bodice is sheer, you don't necessarily need to wear a bra, you can just get cups sewn into your gown or wear a nubra. Easy! 
My gown has a plunging neckline, will I be able to find a bra that works?  Yes. If you look hard enough. There are bras that work for deep necklines, low backs, one shoulder straps, etc. If you don't look very hard, you can get cups sewn into your gown. (Same answer as above, I know.) 
Do I have to wear a bra? I always suggest wearing a bra underneath just to keep everything(one) in place. It also helps with confidence and posture.
Should I wear spanx? (I think this question is similar to asking me if I think the bride is fat. I hate answering this one.) If your gown is A-line, you don't need it. No one is going to see what is going on underneath your waistline. If you want a smaller waistline, a corset back gown is all you need. Tighten the corset for your ceremony and then loosen it for your reception dinner. 
Can I just wear my comfy underwear? This question makes me answer with more questions. What?! Why would you? Why are you buying a wedding gown if you want to be "comfy"? Why don't you want to look sexy at the end of your wedding night? 
Any tips for the big day? Buy your undergarments early and wear them for your first fitting. It is crucial for the seamstress to be altering your gown to exactly what you will be wearing on your wedding day. Invest in good undergarments. If you are going to buy less expensive undergarments, make sure you check the construction on them. Especially boning in a corset. You don't want it to be poking out (counterproductive) or poking in (freaking owww...).
Photo Credits: Essense of Australia Fall 2014 Collection

Hope these tips helped! If you are coming to see us at our consignment boutique, please don't ask me whether you need Spanx. Likely you don't but you do whatever that makes you feel good, comfortable, and beautiful! 

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