Friday, May 29, 2009

Art Gallery Wedding

Trendy and hip couple, Nena and Dan decided against the traditional Chinese ceremony and reception locations and opted to have their ceremony at The Art Gallery of Calgary instead. They decided on having their ceremony at the Top Gallery, followed by a sushi and cocktail reception.

Although, they had decided against the traditional wedding locations, they couldn't disregard some Chinese taboos. The gallery was showcasing a series of black and white photographs in the area where the wedding was going to be held. Black and white photographs are often associated with death in the Chinese culture. To bring some "life" into the room, we incorporated a lot of color in the decorations. Colorful chairs with pink organza sashes were used in the ceremony. The bride's mom works at a flower shop and provided me with fresh pink, yellow, and champagned colored long stem roses for my decorations. (It was a dream come true for me!!)When the room was all decorated, it was cool, colorful, and smelled like sweet roses!

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