Friday, March 11, 2016

Best Wedding Welcome Baskets

When your guests RSVP that they are going to attend your wedding, it is a real honor. When your guests are from out of town and they RSVP that they are coming to your wedding, it is an even bigger honor. A really nice thing to do for these out of town guests is to provide them with a welcome basket. Some of your guests might be coming to your City or even Country for the first time. In addition to having a great time at your wedding, you probably want them to have a great time on their trip!

Some tips to creating a welcome basket for your out of town guests:
1) Provide them with an itinerary. Other than the wedding date, the guests might not know there are other wedding events that they might be invited to.

2) Play tour guide. If they are not invited to the wedding shower, wedding rehearsal, or other events, suggest some places they can visit or go to. Must see locations or even coffee shops are great suggestions.

3) Give them some snacks and drinks. Regardless if they are staying with you, with family, or at a hotel, they will appreciate a local snack when hunger strikes when they are jet lagged. No one wants to buy a bag of peanuts from the hotel for $9!

4) Include a nice souvenir. It is always nice to have a small local souvenir to take home with them and to remember your wedding event by. This souvenir can definitely be something edible or drinkable!

5) Write a thank you note.Thank your guest for making the trip and attending your special day.

Our personalized gable boxes are ready to fill with special gifts and goodies for your out of town guests. What a great way to greet your tired

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When guests check in to their hotel after a long flight, there’s nothing more welcoming than receiving a little treat! Include some of your favorite local goodies, any important information, and some “must-see” places to visit if guests will have free time before wedding celebrations. Just a couple bottles of water, a homemade cookie or two, and a little welcome tag from the happy couple can make being in a new, unfamiliar place much more comforting.elizabethannedesigns
gift for out of town wedding guests; photo: KT Merrymodwedding
Out of Town Gift Basket    Whether planning a wedding in your backyard or thousands of miles away, a basket filled with unique gifts that are specific to the wedding location is a warm way to welcome guests to the area!elizabethannedesigns

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