Thursday, September 6, 2012

Using Doilies as Wedding Decor

I only learned this year that those pretty round white flowery holely things are called doilies. I also learned that the ones crocheted (by sweet little old grandmas) and the paper ones are considered as the same things! Having learned all of this, I have a fascination with them now. Everytime I come across them, whether in a store or at a garage sale, I have an impulse to buy them all out. I have been pretty good about not doing that because....I don't have an idea of what to do with them.

One google search later, I came across the wonderful Martha Stewart. OF COURSE, she has already thought of decorating with doilies! Here are some of her ideas! (Now that I have some ideas, I can definitely buy all the doilies the next time I come across them.)


Lace Garlands

Lights/Candle Holders

Placecard Holders

Flower Cuffs

Wedding Favor Wrappers


Ring Pillow Embellishments

Dainty Displays

Doily Envelopes
doily envelope
cupcake wrappers

Photo Credits: 1) - 8) Martha Stewart Weddings 9), 10) Intimate Weddings

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