Friday, July 9, 2010

Double Happiness

I have the best clients ever! They have so much faith in me!

I always try to design a custom wedding for my clients with unique projects. Often during consultation meetings, I come up with ideas that has never been done before/ I haven't done it before/ I have no idea how I am going to do it. I describe the project to the best of my ability because I often don't have a picture to show them. I hate to say that it is a leap of faith for my clients but they often say yes to my projects and believe in me.

For Huong and Steve's wedding, I suggested making a red "double happiness" sign out of red silk flowers to decorate one of two backdrops they were having for their reception. To make this sign, I went to some unconventional wedding supply stores such as Home Depot, Princess Auto, and Canadian Tire. (Insulation styrofoam and hockey tape were some of the odd supplies I used.) I often use supplies in ways other than it's intended purpose. Hey, if it gets the job done!

Th entire project took about 23 hours, (not consecutively.) Although some would think I was crazy, I had a great time working on the custom project and my clients loved it at their wedding. Here are some pictures of my (process) of making the double happiness sign.


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