Monday, July 12, 2010

Huong and Steve's Wedding

It is amazing how small this world is. Steve and I went to the same high school back in the days. Although we weren't in the same grade, we (kind of) knew of each other. Before our consultation meeting, I went through our high school year books to make sure. When I told Steve, he said "Aw man, those pictures are so bad." I laughed quietly because I too had some pretty bad pictures in those year books. Huong was the best friend of a girl I went to the same high school with. Simply amazing!

Huong and Steve is the most compatible couple I know. Although they seem to have different interests and views, these two have truly mastered the art of compromise. During the early wedding planning stages, I knew that they were going to have a wonderful future together. Many say if a couple can get through planning a wedding, they can get through anything. I firmly believe that for Huong and Steve.

Here are some pictures of their ceremony at Scarboro Church and reception at Forbidden City Restaurant.

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