Monday, May 31, 2010

4th Street Lilac Festival

Yesterday, I was at the Calgary 4th Street Lilac Festival with my awesome jewelry designer friend, Clara at Miko Design. This was the 21st annual Lilac Festival. It is held every year in May regardless of weather. This year, I have got to say was freezing cold. I was there for 10.5 hours and was cold and shivering for 10.25 hours.

Needing an excuse to hang out with Clara, I offered to decorate her booth for her. The booth was well received by Clara and a lot of customers. Many made a point of saying it was one of the nicest booths at the festival. This morning, Clara sent me the sweetest email thanking me for my d├ęcor and said she couldn’t have made her sales without my help. I told her that she made her sales entirely based on the gorgeous jewelry she made.

All of Clara’s jewelry is handmade by her. She designs and creates them from beginning to end. Each piece of jewelry is truly a labor of love by her. I was in love with so many pieces of her jewelry! I finally settled on a pair of sterling silver earrings. Aren’t they lovely? Check out Clara’s website if you would like a piece of gorgeous jewelry too. Her jewelry is available at Purr, Epsy, I Appeal, and Rewind Clothing. Clara will have an online store on her website soon. You know what that means….shopping will be available 24/7.

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