Monday, August 16, 2010

Custom Project: Casino Themed Sign

Being in the wedding industry I really don’t hope for repeat business. However, I love hearing from my past brides. I know brides and grooms are clients of mine but after the wedding, I really hope to have made them my friends. I love to hear how they are doing and if babies are on the way.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my past brides called me. I haven’t heard from her for 1.5 years. I often think of her because she truly touched my heart. She had a wonderful supportive family and lots of girlfriends that was excited for her wedding. The day after her wedding, she was moving to Surrey, BC to start her new life as a wife. When she called me, I was surprised and then worried about her. (Honestly, I was prepared to buy her a plane ticket to come back to Calgary.) She told me that she hasn’t contacted me because she had a death in the family and had to take some time to get back into things. She had contacted me because one of her closest girlfriends was getting married, and she needed some help as maid of honor.

She told me that she was tasked with making a sign for the bride’s bridal shower. They were having a casino themed shower. She said she didn’t really know where to start and asked me to do this custom project for her. I immediately took on this fun project.

Having been to Las Vegas a couple of times myself, I had some ideas of what to do. I ended up making a sign in the shape of a casino blackjack table. The table shape was then covered with green felt. The bridal theme “Lucky in Love” was placed on the top of sign. Of course, the bride’s name was front and center. Five floral shapes were made to resemble each of the seats at the table. The bride and groom’s engagement pictures were also placed on some of the “seats.” You can’t have casino without some bling. Embellishments were added at the end around the theme and bride’s name.

I could have added more accessories but the sign was also for guests to sign on, so I had to stop where I did. I think the project turned out very well. It wasn’t cheesy, reflected the theme, and was pretty and girly.

Of note to potential clients: If you have a project you would like for your wedding, please email me to discuss. I am totally up for whatever project you throw at me, even if it is an eighteen wheeler themed wedding/project.

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