Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thematic Thursdays: Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror, who has the fairest wedding of them all?

Mirrors are not only a princess' best friend but also an event decorator's best friend. It reflects light perfectly, enhances the mood of a room, and extends beauty through "mirror-ing." It adds instant glam and glitz to any bride's dream day! There are endless possibilities for mirrors at weddings!!

Centerpieces - Usually mirrors are paired with centerpieces and amongst candles. Recently, mirrored vases (either one mirror on each side or slits of mirrors) have been used as the centerpiece vessel.

Seating Chart - This is a unique way to show your guests where they will be seated that night and provides some wow factor right when you enter the wedding venue.

Mirrored Table - How about a special sweet heart table for the bride and groom? I am sure it will be the focal point of the entire room.

Mirrored Table Top - If an entire mirrored table is too much for your taste, maybe you can enhance your sweetheart table or guest tables with a mirrored top. Also gorgeous!

Ceremony and Aisle Decor - Breath-taking. Enough said!

Mirrored Dance Floor - The ultimate "WOW" factor at a wedding. Imagine seeing the reflection of all the happy dancing guests.

Hopefully, this post has provided some inspiration! If you come across some other uses for mirrors at weddings, do share! We love to hear all creative ideas!


Photo Credit: 1) Outstanding Occasions via Special events 2) Kiss The Groom via Pocket Full of Dreams 3) Recycle Bride 4)  Emily Smiley 5) source 6) Design with Chon 7) Kudos Music

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