Monday, February 9, 2015

How To Have a Stress Free Wedding

Wedding planning is stressful. Duh. There are a million of tasks to do within a time frame and a hard deadline that cannot be extended. Here are some of our tips on how to have a stress free wedding. Kidding. These are just suggestions on how to reduce some stress and not drive you up the wall.

(Below are images from a Star Wars themed wedding. It is dedicated to my friends A + S, the biggest Star War fans I know.) 

Weighty Expectations
Love your body for what it is and buy a wedding gown that fits you now. Reduce stress by not having the expectation of losing 5, or 10 pounds before your wedding. If you lose it, great, it is a bonus. If you don't, meh, doesn't change a thing for you.

Hayley Paige wedding dress

What's it Worth to You? 
Celebrity weddings are often used as inspiration for our own weddings but it comes at a price. Those weddings may not be a reflection of reality as they are able to pay for and get whatever they want. If you have learned "you cannot live without" a certain type of flower, be prepared to pay for your blooms to fly via Holland on their own private jet the nigh before because it is not in season where you are getting married.

dahlia bouquet

Don't Be Bridezilla
Your bridesmaids are not actually your maids. Don't stress to make them look the same for pictures; assign tasks for each of them to do and follow up on them; and don't create drama amongst them by playing favorites. They should all be your favorites as you have chosen them to stand next to you on your wedding day.

Star Wars inspired wedding

Stick to Your Guest Count
If you want an intimate wedding of 90 people, stick to it. There can be a million of reasons you should invite your boss, neighbor, or distant out of country cousin. The only reason should be that you want them there and they would want to be there. It is an honor to be invited to a wedding. It shouldn't be a chore for anyone.

star wars table names

Following Every Rule
There are many traditions and etiquette guidelines. Follow them all and you will be doomed for failure and stress. Just do your best and do things your way. If  you don't write thank you notes to your guests for the presents they send you within the month, that is ok. Just make sure you do write them at your first available opportunity. Set aside a time from wedding planning to do tasks such as these.

star wars table names

Having the Perfect Wedding
This doesn't exist. The sooner you accept this, the more stressfree you will be when it comes to planning your wedding. Crap will happen but it will only affect you if you let it.

Star Wars inspired wedding
 Cacá Santoro Photography

~Monica Hui
Owner, Lead Planner and Designer
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  1. I do think hiring a wedding planner is quite necessary if you have enough budget and it's a medium or large wedding with at least 100 wedding guests! 

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