Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wedding Color and Style Mistakes to Avoid

Previously we shared with our readers the Color of the Year and said this is a great jumping off point to designing your wedding if you are not sure where to start. Now, if you have your colors picked out but is still uncertain and having second thoughts, here are some mistakes you might want to avoid. The pictures are examples of what you should do! (Fixes!)

Color overload
Unless your wedding theme is Mardi Gras, you will want to stick to only a couple of colors for your entire wedding. You don't want your wedding to look like the color monster threw up on it. Choose 3-4 complementary colors or different tones of one color. The result is easier on the eye and classy!

Gold Textured Tablecloth
k. thompson photography, LLC

White is not a color
I've been to many weddings where the wedding colors are white and another color. While white is technically a color, it shouldn't be considered as one when it comes to weddings. White should be considered as a neutral color that works with other colors. What does this mean? (Refer to solution in mistake #1) Chose several colors for your wedding and include white as one of them.

White and Orange Reception Decor
Gabriel Ryan Photographers

Going with trends
Don't chose a color based on what is on trend or what the color of the year is. Only do it if it represents you and your wedding. Take cues from your favorite things and see what colors they are and what emotions they draw. These favorite things should help in choosing your wedding colors.

Modern Geometric Cake
Tess Pace Photography

Predictable colors
Just because you are having a wedding in the fall months, doesn't mean you have to chose the colors of red, orange, and yellow. Take a risk and chose unexpected colors. Just because you are having your wedding at the specific time of the year, it doesn't mean you are expected to use certain colors.

Rustic Outdoor Ceremony Decor
Abby Jiu Photography

Ignoring your venue
You venue's colors and decor should be taken into consideration when choosing your colors. You don't necessarily have to chose colors based on the decor, but you don't want to chose colors that clash either!

Lavish Tented Reception

Being all matchy matchy
Although it is good to keep your colors consistent with all wedding elements, it really isn't necessary to match them completely according to the specific hues. Not only will this stress you out completely, sometimes it is not possible. For example, there isn't a naturally true blue flower.

Purple Watercolor Place Cards
k. thompson photography, LLC

What do you think of the mistakes we've identified? Are you guilty of any of these?

~Monica Hui
Owner, Lead Planner and Designer
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