Monday, June 29, 2015

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Stationer

Guest Blogger: Kelly Devera of Lovesky Design Inc.

Wedding invitations and stationery has become an important part of the wedding. After all, the wedding invitation introduces your guests to your special day so you want to make it beautiful and memorable. We all know weddings are expensive. Depending on what kind of wedding you're having and what's important to you, plenty of factors come into play. Brides try to DIY as much as they can to save costs despite their sanity. But even DIY adds up and before you know it, you've spent WAY more than you wanted in supplies and stressed yourself and your friends assembling DIY projects that didn't even turn out the way you wanted. And if it did, you used a lot of time that you will never get back. Like ever....

Wedding invitations seem to fall on the DIY list and people think it's easy to do. Until they realize the complexity and challenges paper, printing, design and assembling involves.

Why should you hire a professional wedding stationer? Here are 6 reasons:

1. We love paper and paper loves us.

Yes friends, we wouldn't be in this business if we didn't love paper. Because we love it so much we pretty much know more about it than the average person. Meaning once a couple conveys to us their dream wedding invitations, we will know what kind of paper might be perfect for your stationery. We can show you samples of different kinds and some that you can't even find at a local craft store. We can conjure up the perfect custom invite to match your colours and theme. Layers, texture, matte, metallic, laser cut, embossed.... the paper list goes on. Who better to guide and help you than paper nerds like us.

2. Attention to detail is our speciality.

Design is important to us. It's what makes your invitation unique and we strive to make it great for you. We go above and beyond by ensuring we pay attention to detail. We love the little details. It speaks to us. From the perfect font, layout to graphics... to marry them all with creativity and your vision makes us so excited! We have the ability to design a beautiful, custom stationery suite so everything from invitation to day-of wedding stationery is cohesive and lovely. It will add that extra special touch to your day.

3. Printing blues will not haunt you.

Have you ever printed something and the colour is different from the colour on your monitor? It's a bummer. We understand and empathize. We also know what to do. There's a lot of technical behind the scenes setups with printing your files but when you hire a pro, you won't have to worry about it because we take care of all that for you and the running around too! Not to mention possible paper cuts. Also, your home printer will thank you for not jamming it again.

Photo Credit: Paisley Photography

4. It is worth the investment.
Being professional stationers we invest in our business and so we are equipped with expensive, licensed design software meant to create custom design. No, we don't design this on Microsoft Word nor do we use a clip art from the internet in a low quality jpg resolution to copy and paste. You and your invitations deserve better! We also invest on building relationships with different vendors and suppliers allowing us to find great resources for your paper goods.

Photo Credit: Aeris Photography

5. We love what we do.

You know what they say about people who love what they do? They're happy to do it for you. The little things that would eventually annoy you are thing we love and can put up with! It might have been fun to mock your invite at home and do a few samples while loving your design like crazy. But try assembling it for 100+ times not accounting some mistakes that you have to redo and buy more materials as you juggle wedding planning at the same time too. Yikes. We have just one focus and we will make it amazing. Because again, we love what we do!

6. We want to take the stress away from you.

Not only do you get beautiful invitations but you're also hiring us so we can relieve some stress off you especially if you are a busy professional. That's worth something. That's worth a lot to some people! Let us deal and handle the stresses to create your invitations so you can take that out of your endless to do list and focus on other things.

Photo Credit: Photographik

Hiring a professional wedding stationer is a luxury that might or might not be affordable depending on a couple’s stationery budget which varies from couple to couple. But one thing is for sure, understanding the value and investment you make in hiring one is something worth saving up for when you plan your wedding. Time is value. Let the pros handle your paper projects while you spend more time celebrating your engagement with family and friends. And knowing your wedding stationery is in very good hands.
Happy Wedding Planning!

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