Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How Not To Lose Your Wedding Gown

Now that it is starting to get cold, many couples are planning to go to sunny spots for vacations or their destination wedding. Most destination wedding hotspots have everything for you there and you really don't have to bring much else. Mostly just yourselves, your rings, and what you are going to wear.

Having said this, the next thing on your mind is probably how am I going to bring my wedding gown? What happens if it gets lost? (Horror!!) Have no fear, read on for some tips:

1. Try to tuck your wedding gown into your carry-on luggage. Although your carry-on luggage is limited in size, this is possible. Just roll up your wedding gown and put it inside a bag (to prevent expansion) before putting it into your carry-on luggage. If your gown is really big, turn the gown inside out, roll it, and put it inside a bag. This is truly the best way to carry it without damage. All the delicate details will be on the inside.

2. After turning your gown inside out and if it still won't fit into your carry-on luggage, leave it in a garment bag and call your airline about options. Be really, really nice. Some airlines will accommodate your needs by holding the gown in the plane's onboard first call coat closet.

3(a). Buy a seat on the plane for your gown. This might sound crazy expensive but if you had already paid a lot of money for your gown, the last thing you want is to lose it.

3(b). If Option 3(a) too outrageous to you, you can still check in your gown with your luggage, just make sure you buy travel insurance for it. Chances are, your gown and all your luggage will arrive safely to your destination without issue. Don't sweat it.

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