Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Las Vegas Weddings

Last week I was in Las Vegas for a mini vacation, staying at the MGM Grand Hotel. During my stay there I couldn't help but to notice a lot of brides and grooms. They did not appear to be there for bachelor and bachelorette parties, rather they were there to get married. After seeing them a bunch of questions popped in my mind (as would a lot of others I am sure.) Questions such as: Where did they get married? Did they get married at some cheesy venue like in the movies? Did they get married by Elvis?

I didn't go up to the bride and groom to get answers because this was their special day and they do not need some crazy lady ruining their day and memories. Not being able to relax or let these questions go unanswered, I ventured around the hotel to get some answers. I headed to MGM Grand Hotel's Wedding Chapel, Forever Grand Wedding Chapel, and spoke to Wedding Coordinator, Sarah.

I learned from Sarah that a lot of brides (not grooms) contact them three to six months before their wedding date. The wedding coordinator would help them with their wedding planning and booking of venues, reception, flowers, cake, accommodations, etc. After speaking to Sarah, I also toured the wedding chapel and saw that the two chapels were not only tastefully decorated, but also intimate and romantic. If brides and grooms don't want to have their ceremony in one of these chapels, they can also opt for an outdoor ceremony or a poolside ceremony!

Prior to my talk with Sarah, I knew that it is possible to have a classy and intimate wedding in Las Vegas, despite what is protrayed in the movies. After my talk with Sarah, I learned that if you want to have a classy wedding in Las Vegas, it is just like anywhere else, you have to plan for it!

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