Sunday, July 12, 2009

Puerto Rican Oasis Wedding

With only one and a half months before their wedding date, Magdalis and Kevin contacted me to provide wedding decorating services for their wedding at the Prince of Peace Manor in Chestermere. As we were talking during our consultation, I felt that my heart stopped a couple of times. My heart stopped because the venue presented a number our challenges for me. First, the Prince of Peace Manor is a retirement home. The room that was booked was for the ceremony and reception. Second, the room was fully (and I mean fully) furnished with furniture that could not be moved out of the room. Third, both the ceremony and reception was supposed to be held in room. There will be at least 50 guests in the room.

In order to get my heart pumping again, I had to talk about something else. I asked Magdalis and Kevin why they picked this venue. Kevin told me that his parents live across the street from this Manor, it is very convenient for them to attend the wedding. Magdalis told me that her parents will be coming to Calgary from Puerto Rico for the first time one week before the wedding.

After hearing their stories, I suggested that we brighten the room with the color of burnt orange and tropical flowers. The look that we wanted to achieve is a Puerto Rican Oasis. We want the guests to forget that they are in the game room of a retirement home. The ceremony will be set up in front of the fireplace with aisle style seating. Tables and chairs will be set up around the room for the reception. Check out the pictures from the wedding!

Guest Sign-In Table

Signing of Registry Table

Cake Table


Overall Look of the Room

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