Monday, November 9, 2009

Noteworthy Designs

Often when I get invited to a wedding, I only know either the bride or groom very well. Sometimes I haven't even met their significant other yet. So, when I get an invitation I have a ton of questions running through my mind. Questions such as: I wonder what her future husband looks like? How did they met? What does she like most about him? Why haven't I met him yet? Sometimes the invitation includes the couple's picture, but this only answers one of my questions. (After receiving an invitation, I usually call up my friend right away to congratulate her and to set up a coffee date to meet her significant other. I can't wait till the wedding day!)

Laura Hit of Noteworthy Designs made these wonderful custom wedding invitation that are similar to mini scrapbooks. These invitations/books included pages and photos about the couple, how they met, the wedding, and important people in their life. I would love to receive one of these invitations, they are so personalized and allows me to learn about the couple right away. (I would still call up my friend afterwards though.) Laura is a fellow Certified Wedding Planner with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. Check out these "mini scrapbook of memories" on Laura's blog.

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