Sunday, November 8, 2009

Floral Bouquet Challenge

Maggie, the bride from the last blog post presented me with a challenge before her wedding. She asked me if I could make her wedding bouquet, bridesmaid's bouquet, and corsages for the moms and grandmas. I was hesitant to take on this challenge because it would be my first floral "work order" after receiving my Certificate in Floral Design. Initially, I declined Maggie's request because I was so nervous! As laid back as Maggie is, she responded to my email saying "No worries! I was going to do it myself but thought I'd ask you first." I responded to Maggie's email within three seconds saying that I will do it and thanking her for the opportunity.

When I was finally able to track Maggie and Aaron down for a meeting, Maggie and I also talked about what she would like her wedding bouquet to look like. She said she wanted a yellow bouquet in a semi circle; brown ribbon around the stems; no greenery; and two inches of the stems exposed. She said she hated yellow roses and chrysanthemums.

Based on what Maggie told me, I suggested yellow calla lilies as the main flower, white roses as the secondary flower, and yellow fressias as an accent flower. The bridesmaid's bouquets had white roses as the primary flower and yellow calla lilies as the secondary flower. The day before Maggie's wedding, I picked up 50 stems of white roses, 25 stems of yellow calla lilies, and 20 stems of yellow fressias. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making the bouquets because my office smelled like wonderful from all the flowers.

I forgot to take pictures of my bouquets but was able to get pictures from a friend that attended Maggie's wedding. Lucky me! Now I have pictures for my "Wishahmon - Florals" portfolio!

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