Friday, September 17, 2010

Boxing Themed Wedding

My friends know how to get me excited when introducing a new store to me – they just have to put a wedding spin to it. The first time I was brought to Bass Pro Shops, I was told: “You can do research for when you do a hunting or fishing themed wedding.” Not one to argue right away, I did find a good range of fishing line to use for my wedding projects. When I was brought to Camper’s Village, I was told the same thing: “You can do research for when you do a camping themed wedding.” This time, feeling a little like I was being played, I spoke up “Are you kidding me?” My friend simply said: “Last year, you didn’t think you were going to do a boxing themed wedding either.” I really didn’t have anything to say to that cause I knew it was true. (By the way, Camper’s Village has an awesome area in the store with lots of stretchy fabric!)

The first time I met Rita and Steve at the Art Gallery of Calgary to design their wedding ceremony, the gallery had a different exhibition. Three months before their wedding, the gallery had changed their exhibition to “Mixed Signals: Artists Consider Masculinity in Sport.” In summary, the new exhibition was very masculine. As a result, I met up with Rita and Steve again to consider redesigning the wedding ceremony to inject some femininity in it.

For this wedding, I included a lovely purple aisle runner instead of a white one to add some color to the room. Because I absolutely adore the chairs at the Art Gallery of Calgary, I tied the chair sashes in a feminine way but didn’t cover too much of the chairs. I love figuring out new ways of tying chair sashes! This one came to me that day at the last hour. (Next time I need to think faster as the wedding party had started to arrive as I was finishing up.)

When designing a wedding for my clients, not only do I try to design a wedding that they want, I also consider the lasting impressions of my client’s wedding – which are their wedding pictures. For this particular wedding, I asked Rita and Steve if they wanted to create a backdrop at the front of the vow area to cover up a picture of a sweaty and half-naked boxer. I told them that if we didn’t, this boxer will be in all of their wedding vow pictures. Being the awesome clients that they were, they just laughed and said it will make the wedding that much more memorable.

Although Rita and Steve’s wedding was not really “boxing themed,” that is how I am going to remember their memorable wedding. I can’t wait to see their wedding pictures!

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