Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby's Breath

I firmly believe that “baby’s breath” is going to make a huge comeback soon. It has been the loyal sidekick to roses for too long. Baby’s breath gets such a bad reputation. It is also often labeled as cheap and tacky. However, this is so untrue. It is inexpensive and can be unique and whimsical. Baby’s breath has a very airy feel to it and it can be trimmed to a perfect (almost) anything shape. You can’t do that with too many flowers.

Now, you might say that this blog sounds a little bit like a rant. However, I am just hoping to help brides open up to the many possibilities of the baby’s breath. I was able to convince one of my brides to use the baby’s breath as one of three centerpieces. I don’t usually “convince” my clients of a specific flower but I truly felt that the baby’s breath would work well with her laid back and simple wedding d├ęcor. Below is a picture of my bride’s centerpieces.

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