Monday, April 27, 2015

Get Clear Skin for Your Wedding

With every slight weather change, lack of sleep, or stress, my face breaks outs and tells me who's boss. Losing this control and seeing my face full (exaggeration) of spots makes me freak out and start doing everything I can. Not to mention use every single product I own.

If you are a bride in a similar situation - currently being freaked out, I suggest taking the following to help eliminate stress before your wedding and hopefully clear your skin up.

1. Get more sleep
If this is not possible, at least get the amount of sleep you usually get. Sleeping will help lower stress and allow your skin to heal. Extra bonus, use your facial products at night when you sleep so they have the chance to work it's magic and not get rubbed off during the day.

2. Eat healthier
No brainer on this one. You've heard of the phrase "You are what you eat." Well, I believe "You look what you eat." If you tend to eat fast food and generally crap food, your body is not going to like that. Your body will tell you through digestion, energy levels, and your face. (If you are slow at noticing change in your body, you will finally notice it on your face.)

3. Workout
Working out will release toxins from your body and improve energy levels. Extra bonus, you will get an awesome body before your big day.

4. Get facials
This can be done at home or out if you want to pamper yourself. The goal of facials is to deep skin your skin and prep it for your big day. If you can afford it, you might want to consider getting facials from a professional once a month before your big day. Your skin will thank you. As will your photographer when touching up your photos.

5. Emergency kit
Pack an emergency kit for your wedding, dedicated to your skin. Of course, you will be having your coverup make up with you, but also include any spot treatments you are using too. Make sure you read the labels though, after using some products you should not be in the sun. (Example: wedding pictures outside.)  

If you have any other tips or great products to suggest, please let me know! My skin and I are currently freaking out.

 ~Monica Hui
Owner, Lead Planner and Designer
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