Monday, November 16, 2015

Why You Should Have Menu Cards At Your Wedding

More and more couples are opting not to have menu cards to save on stationary costs. While they feel it is unnecessary, I wonder if they would feel the same way if they went into a restaurant and did not get a menu? Sure, they are slightly different scenarios, in one you are eating what the bride and groom chose for their wedding reception and in the other you are choosing what to eat (and ultimately pay for.) However, the similarity in both scenarios is - you like to know what you are going to eat. (Personally, I like to know what's on the menu.) If I know I am not going to like the main course, I know to load up on bread and butter first so that I am full. This prevents any hangry episodes!)

If I have convinced you that maybe menu cards are a good thing, but you are still uncertain about how to incorporate them, check out the pictures below. From classy, to sleek, to whimsical, there is definitely a style you will like!

 ~Monica Hui
Owner, Lead Planner and Designer
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Menus give you something to look forward to.
Wedding Planning   Styling by, Photography by, Decor by DESIGN2DECOR.COMstylemepretty
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triangle menu card with gold flakes // photo by Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay // styling by A Charleston Bride // paper goods by Mac & Murphy // view more:
Clever place card + menu. The clip is a cool contemporary touch in comparison to typical tented place cards.ritzybee.typepad
Music & Rock Theme Ideas - Record Wedding Menu - Mazelmoments.commazelmoments
Follow up a cool invite with a neat menu card - Wedding menu card design by ChamelleDesignPhotography, via Flickrflickr
Print the menus on two inch bands of paper, wrapped them around the cloth napkins and secured them with a custom m + b sticker.lovestrucksocialevents
See the "Varied Typeface Menu" in our Unique Menu Cards and Displays gallerymarthastewartweddings
I like this menu language for the chalk board...mix up a bit - since we don't have starts really but it is cool!stylemepretty

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