Friday, November 27, 2015

Why You Should Have Winter Engagement Photoshoots

If you are in Canada, you know that our winters SUCK. There is no way to sugar coat that fact. Our winters can get down to -50 degrees. Who the heck would want to be outside taking engagement pictures? How can people even see the cute outfit you picked out underneath your parka, scarves, and toques? Will love really keep you warm?

Well, if you are in Calgary, we do have Chinooks. Those days wouldn't be too bad to be outside in cute outfits taking pictures. If you are born and raised in Calgary (like me!) you should be used to our winters and just say to yourself "suck it up, you are stronger than a little bit of white snow!" Still think I am crazy and think that I should go outside and take pictures for an hour? Here are some adorable engagement photo shoots that will change your mind! Just think of all the cute (and warm) props you can use!

Winter Engagement Photo - Snowy Kiss
Sara Monika

Winter Engagement Photo - Snow Heart
Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Winter Engagement Photo - snow and sequins
Courtney Beck Photography

Winter Engagement Photo - Skiing
Daniel McQuade Photography

Winter Engagement Photo - Winter Road
Colsen Griffith Photography

Winter Engagement Photo - christmas lights
A Sunshine Moment


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