Monday, January 25, 2016

What's New (With Monica) at Wishahmon - January 2016

I said this years ago that I don't believe or make New Years resolutions, mostly because I don't keep them or stay on track pass the third week of January. In the last couple of years, I opted to learn something new each year. Then, I made a goal of meeting a new friend or reconnecting with an old one every month. This one I kept true to and still do.

Regardless of what term I use, I am essentially deciding to make a change or choosing to do things differently. Here are some resolutions/goals/ideals for 2016:

Do More Of What I Love
There are certain things that I love to do but is always on the back burner to the things that I must do (and sometimes hate to do.) Yes, this is just part of life but for 2016 I want to take the time to do more things that I love to do regardless of other people's perceptions or judgment. For example, I love going to fabric stores. Just walking up and down the aisles of rolls of fabric is calming and exciting for me. I don't sew much and I tend to glue my fabrics together, but hey this is my happy time and I am going to make more time for it.

Take risks following your heart. Or get stuck with the same old shit.: Do More Things That Scares Me
Obviously it is natural instinct to shy away from things that scare you. If you are afraid of heights, you are not going to stand on top of a tall building to look down. If you are afraid of public speaking, you are not going to volunteer to do something like that. I am no different. The things that I am scared of may come easy for others but not for me. This year, I have done two things that scares me already. 1) I reached out to a fashionable lady I follow on social media to tell her how much I love her on Instagram account. 2) I volunteered to present a workshop. It was incredibly hard but I did it. High five to me.

Say Yes More
My friend Vincci made the resolution to say No more because she is constantly over extending herself. I am doing the opposite. I am going to try to say Yes more. I get invited to a variety of things but I am always saying no and coming up with an excuse. Some excuses are legit but some are just lame - like I can't go to this open house because I have to wash my hair that night lame. I might have said No in the past because it is something that scares me, despite it being something that I love to do. 2016 is the year to change all of that! Wish me luck!

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