Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Decorating Tip!

Never judge an object by it's finish.

I have always been a huge fan of Debbie Travis. I started watching and learning from her when she had a show called "Debbie Travis' Painted House." The most important thing that I learned from her is not to judge and (almost) everything can be painted. I followed this tip faithfully throughout the years and I believe my house is actually smaller now that it has about a 100 coats of paint on all the walls...and everything else.

During my trip to the Crossroads Farmer Market, I found some awesome candle holders. Not only were they the perfect size and style, they were made in Italy! The only thing that was not so perfect was the brass finish on them. There is nothing wrong with brass but I really needed them to look more modern for an upcoming wedding I am decorating. You probably guessed what I did with them....yup, I painted them. Here are the before and after pictures. (Check out my photography skills too. I took 50 pictures to get these 4 kind-of good ones.)

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