Monday, April 12, 2010

Wishahmon Rentals

I am excited to announce that Wishahmon - Wedding Creations has now expanded to include rentals. These are not your typical chair cover rentals, they are custom projects made for former clients. (Happy clients too!) Hopefully, new clients will be able to incorporate these items into their own wedding. Each item can be personalized to suit their style and theme. Here are two examples of how this can be accomplished:

4 Tier Cupcake Stand - There are two designs for this cupcake stand, both with glass shelves. The stand with wooden separators can be decorated with different colors of ribbon or sashes. The stand with acrylic separators can hold LED lights, fresh or silk flower petals, candies, pearls, or LEGO? (The last one just popped in my mind.) There are endless amount of things that could be used to decorate this stand and make it personalized!

Wrought Iron Garden Hooks - An outdoor ceremony aisle can be made more special with these garden hooks placed either parallel to each other or staggered. Tin buckets or baskets can be hung on these hooks and filled with cookies? (Also, something that just popped in my mind.) Bunches of flowers can also be placed into cones and hung from the hooks. For an inexpensive option, different colors of ribbon can be tied from the hooks. Once the wind hits these strands of ribbon, it will create a lovely whimsical look.

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