Monday, July 6, 2015

Best Rainy Day Wedding Photos

Living in Calgary, you should already know to not be surprised if it rains in the summer. As a matter of fact, last Saturday a hailstorm hit Calgary and covered the Calgary Stampede grounds. One of my brides was getting married the same day and was able to avoid the rain during her wedding ceremony but couldn't escape the hail during her wedding photos.

If you are getting married this weekend or this summer and is worried about raining ruining it, you can prepare for weather during your wedding. My favorite tip is to embrace the weather whatever it may be. It is your wedding day and it will be wonderful no matter what! Here are some photos to prove it!

~Monica Hui
Owner, Lead Planner and Designer
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And this groom who was quick on his feet:
Andres Zavadskis /

This dreamy duo:
Ariel Renae Photography /

And this couple who didn't look back:
Susan Stripling /

These two who took cover:
Ryan Brenizer /

And this one:
Hawes Photography /

This couple who got creative:
Ivan Zamanuhin /

Or laugh it off...
Our Love Is Loud /

So pull up your boots...
Meg Perotti /

And kick up your heels...
Matt Adcock / Del Sol Photography /

(Rain or shine!)
B-Freed Photography /

You're still getting married to someone you love...
Sofria Plana Photography /

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  1. I was really worried and shed lots of tears during the week of my wedding. But walking into that hall was such an amazing moment. I would suggest reception halls in Atlanta for any event of under 100 people where you want an elegant atmosphere for a very reasonable price.


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