Monday, July 20, 2015

Using Sparklers at Your Wedding

More and more couples are opting on having a later wedding ceremony and reception. There are many benefits to this: No huge time gap in the middle of the day; potentially only one wedding venue (which cuts costs); and potential for beautiful wedding pictures at night with sparklers.

If you like the idea of using wedding sparklers, just make sure of the following:
1) They are made of metal. Wood ones will burn and cause smoke and ashes. (Imagine getting all of that on your clothes. Ew.)
2) Give each guest multiple sparklers. It is very hard for a large group of guests to light their sparklers at exactly the right and same time.
3) Use a lighter to light your sparklers. It is just easier that fussing with matches. For the same reason as number 2, hard to get the timing right.

Here are some pictures of couples that used sparklers at their wedding! (I have no idea how they got the words in the picture though. Just ask your photographer.)

~Monica Hui
Owner, Lead Planner and Designer
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