Friday, October 2, 2015

Calgary Wedding Consignment Store Closed

The decision to shut down our wedding gown consignment shop, Wishahmon Glorious Gowns was a really tough one. Over the past three years, we helped a lot of brides find their wedding gowns at a fraction of retail price. (Last time I can use this "plug".)

We learned a lot about dress styles, body shapes, engagement stories, wedding plans, and in general about our brides. Some of our best memories include:

This One is a Keeper, I Think
One bride tried on a gown and stayed in it for three hours. She wasn't ready to make the decision that the gown was "the one" but also didn't want to take it off. Rather than selling it to her with high pressure sales tactics. I told her that she can keep it on and I will just go into the back room to do some paperwork. Just let me know when she has made a decision. No pressure. She ended up coming into the backroom and telling me she LOVES the gown.

Do You Cry Every Time?
One bride brought her huge entourage and tried on two gowns. When she put on the second one, everyone started to cry including me. The mother of the bride asked me if I cry every time I see a bride in a gown? I just said to her "Hey! No judgment. Please pass me a tissue."

One bride had chosen the gown that she likes and wanted to come back to show her mom. The bride tried on the gown again and when she walked out the mom was suggesting other gowns she should try on. The bride was so disappointed. Not only did her mom not comment on her gown, her mom was now looking at other gowns. I said to the mother of the bride: "MOM, FOCUS, AND SIT DOWN."  The bride and her mother laughed and said I was so bossy, but in a good way.

Two Weeks Left
After a long day of appointments, I got a call and text from a bride wanting to come in to look at gowns because her wedding is in two weeks. I called her back and told her I just finished a full day of appointments and I am super tired. She can come to look at gowns but I will be pretty much useless. The bride said she will help herself and promise not to steal anything. She ended up coming and finding her gown that fit her perfectly. Thank goodness.

Can You Watch My Baby?
This bride found her gown but had to go to the bank to get money to pay for it. Because it is a hassle to bring her new born baby to the bank, she asked if I can watch her baby for her while she went to the bank. I said "uh, um, no?" The bride laughed at her request and asked me to come to the bank with her and to sit in the car with her baby. I said "uh, um, ok."

Thank you so much to all the brides that visited our little shop. It was an amazing experience and we will remember all the moments we had with you! Thank you for all the support! Cheers!

~Monica Hui
Owner, Lead Planner and Designer
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