Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How To Tell Your Friend She Can't Bring a Plus One

It is understandable you want to invite everyone to your wedding but the reality is it might cost too much or your venue is not big enough to have more people. When you are tight for invitees, you might have to start cutting people from the list or not allowing plus-ones to come. In the latter case, you will have the difficult task of breaking the news to someone.

If you have to tell a friend he/she can't bring his/her new GF/BF, here is what you can do:

1) Be honest and upfront very early on. How early? Before this person gets their invite and assumes they can bring a plus-one. Believe me the situation is worse after they have RSVP'ed. Tell them due to costs and venue size, you cannot accommodate everyone. Tell them combining the invite list for two families is proving to be difficult.

2) Reassure her that she will still have a good time at your wedding and who she will be sitting with people she knows or other single people.

3) Plan to get together with the new BF/GF after the wedding. Acknowledge the importance of this new relationship and the importance of your friendship. You would love to hang out with them after the wedding to get to know the new BF/GF better.

Understand that she might be disappointed or upset. A true friend will realize it is your day and she will respect your decision and be happy for you. A selfish and self-centered friend will be so upset that she might decline your wedding invitation if she can't bring a plus-one. In that case, woohoo you just gained another seat at your wedding and can invite someone more worthy.

~Monica Hui
Owner, Lead Planner and Designer
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