Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What To Do If Your Guests Bring Children To Your Wedding (But They Weren't Invited!)

I fully support my clients on their decision to include or not include kids at their wedding. It is their day and they should be allowed to say who they want there, regardless of age! The decision not to include kids maybe for a variety of reasons. There should be no judgment whatsoever. As a new parent, (and probably because I am a wedding planner) I always ask if my baby is also invited. If not, no sweat. I will figure it out. If she is, (sweat) and figure it out. There are no hurt feelings because you didn't want my cutie patootie there. That is how it should be.

Previously, I discussed How to Have a Child-Free Wedding Reception. Now, if your guest ignores all of your subtle and not so subtle hints and still brings their kid to your wedding, what do you do now? Here are some suggestions:

1. Kick them all out. Old and young, invited and not invited. No means no.
I'm kinda kidding on this one. If you decide to do this, you might get yourself all upset on your wedding day and lose a friend. Best to get someone else to do this for you or move onto option #2.

Adult-Only Invitation Wording... Good suggestions!! Wish I had this for my wedding:

2. Invite a babysitter to your wedding.
This guest will be told ahead of time that he/she may have to become a babysitter during the wedding if kids show up. If not, they can enjoy the wedding. Having a babysitter on site can help keep the kids separated from the rest of the wedding. This allows you to enjoy your day and other guests that found a babysitter to enjoy their kid-free day. The parents might be a little upset their kids are being quarantined but remember you are not the one that is being rude.

3. Make arrangements for a kids area.
Similar to option #2 but the kids will be entertaining themselves with toys and activities you purchased for them. The parents are responsible for their own kids. Hopefully, they do!

Creating a kids corner to keep them entertained at a wedding... great idea!:

What would you do if this happened on your wedding day? Would you hold firm to your original vision or let it slide and let the kids join in? Comment below!

~Monica Hui
Owner, Lead Planner and Designer
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