Monday, November 26, 2012

Carisa's Diary: Distance

Carisa is the bride of our new blog series that details Carisa and Richard's wedding planning adventures. Periodically, Carisa will be sharing her thoughts with our readers and her many out-of-town friends and family members. These are Carisa's thoughts, from a bride's perspective.

It is my theory that something always goes wrong when Richard is away. The last time it was the TV that didn’t work.  That wasn’t too bad. 

Sure enough the day after Richard left for his business trip to China this time, I woke up feeling I was in a refrigerator! It wasn’t just cold, it was freezing!   So, I thought it was just the thermostat that wasn’t working.  I tried pressing the up arrow to increase the temperature and tapped a few more buttons on the thermostat hoping the heat would come back.  It didn’t for 2 whole days!  It didn’t help the weather was so cold in Calgary either.  I couldn’t connect with Richard because he was in an remote oil field that had no cell phone reception.  So, I slept in a mountain of blankets, made soup every night, and took a hot shower before I headed to bed.  I honestly didn’t know what to do.
Finally, I got in touch with him on the phone and he told me immediately to go find the furnace in the basement. Furnace, furnace, I had no idea!! Where is the furnace?!!! (seriously, no one has ever shown me where the furnace was…my parents would not have been proud of me!!) After some explanation, I located it.  Over the phone, Richard told me to find the pilot and light it with a lighter.  After an hour on the phone and me sending pictures of the furnace to him over email, I finally lit the correct pilot (I was lighting something else before…thank goodness there was no fire!) And there was heat!!!!

After this, I suddenly realized how much I rely on Richard not just to fix things that don’t work around the house, but he is there to comfort me when I don’t feel well, and to share in my ups and downs.  He is the person I am so happy to see each day after a long day at work and he is the person I share meals with because we both just love to eat! (The only good thing when Richard is away, is I can lose a few pounds-for the wedding dress! )  The distance has truly reminded me of how lucky I am to have him in my life, and to be getting married to him.  Admist all the wedding planning, we can get so lost and caught up in the details- like which font to use for the invitations, to what type of centerpieces to use at the tables (don’t get me wrong, I love weddings!), that we sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture.  A pastor (a patient of mine), who found out I had just been engaged asked me, how long do you think it takes to plan a wedding? I said, “Probably a year or so…”.  He then went on to ask me, how long do you think it takes to plan a marriage? I thought about it and I replied- “Forever”.
As I plan our wedding here on out, I remind myself- don’t sweat the small stuff and just have a good time!!!   
Countdown to wedding: 278

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