Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wedding Drink Stations

Drink stations is becoming more and more popular. Bride and grooms want to share with their guests their favorite things. (Sounds like Oprah during Christmas, but I digress.) Drink stations are also  welcomed during really hot weather, outdoor weddings, and during cocktails when some guests don't drink alcohol. For these drink stations, you can have flavored water, soda, iced teas, or a special blends of lemonade.

A couple of years ago, I worked with a bride and groom with designing their wedding. The bride really wanted Taiwanese bubble tea at her wedding for her guests to enjoy at the end of the night. I totally loved this idea and we went with it. We set up a drink station with various types of chilled tea, bubbles (tapioca balls), fruit jellies, and thick straws. All of her wedding guests loved this special touch.

I strongly encourage all brides and grooms to have a drink station at their wedding. If you have a favorite custom drink, showcase it. This is another perfect way to show your unique or blended personalities.

Owner and Lead Designer

Photo Credits: 1) Nicole Hill Gerulat Photography 2), 3), 4) Jessica Claire 5) Marilyn Nakazato 6), 7) The Wedding Tea Room 8) A Bryan Photo 9) Jemma Keech

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