Friday, November 23, 2012

Wedding Makeup: Red Lips!

Here is my personal dilemma: I love the look of a bright red lip but finding the perfect red lipstick, putting it on right, and having the confidence to pull off the look is crazy intimidating to me. As a result, I have been wearing tinted lip gloss for years now.

Wearing lip gloss on its own on your wedding day is not going to cut it. You will want defined lips to go with the rest of your wedding makeup. Ask any photographer, he/she will agree with me! I think having a bolder lip will make a huge difference in your wedding pictures (and confidence!) If you have already planned to have a bold color lip or would like to experiment with this, check out the infographic below. It gives you the rules for a flawless pout. I am totally going to follow these rules after I run out to buy a red lipstick!!

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