Monday, November 19, 2012

Carisa's Diary: We Are Getting Married!!

Carisa is the bride of our new blog series that details Carisa and Richard's wedding planning adventures. Periodically, Carisa will be sharing her thoughts with our readers and her many out-of-town friends and family members. These are Carisa's thoughts, from a bride's perspective.

Richard and I are getting married!!!!! After hiding the engagement ring in his suitcase for three whole months before proposing, we are finally tying the knot on Aug 31, 2013! I can still hardly believe it.  We are definitely counting the days! (Yes, already!)  

We have recently bought a house in Calgary and we are super busy with unpacking and renovating, but at the same time we knew we had to get the wedding planning underway (or else we will never get around to it….) So that’s when we decided we needed a wedding planner to help us along the way.
Fritz Tolentino, our photographer recommended us to Monica, and as luck would have it, we felt very comfortable with her after our initial meeting.   It helped that Monica knew some of our cultural traditions and that she was so open to listening to us.  I still remember she was shocked that I wasn’t one of the brides that brought a whole binder with tagged notes, ideas and pictures of what I wanted in our wedding, but I have since gathered some inspiration online! (I am starting to get organized….!)
Reluctantly, the day after our meeting with Monica, Richard got dragged into coming to the bridal show with me.  We were more than overwhelmed, there was so much to see.  (And in my head, I was thinking – there’s so much to do!!!) From wedding attire, to flowers, to venues, to photography, to decorations, it was everything wedding!  Thank goodness, there were food samples for Richard to try and a fashion show to watch! ; ) We honestly didn’t’ expect there was so many aspects to wedding planning and was so glad and thankful that Monica was on our side!  We feel that some of the stress has been lifted and we are starting to enjoy the whole planning process (even though we are just beginning).  It is fun and we only get to do it once!
Countdown to wedding: 284 Days

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