Thursday, November 15, 2012

Industrial Wedding

After doing renovations in my home for two years, I have learned: Whole bunch of new places to shop (mostly for tools), the names and how to use a bunch of tools that look very "manly", and to be creative with new materials. Now to be totally honest, these materials are just new to me because I don't really know what they are for.

One time I went into a metal shop and was immediately fascinated with a brass stick. The employee saw how excited I was, came over right away and asked me what I was using it for. I told him that it was perfect for this metal tree that I want to hang pink paper lanterns on. His jaw dropped and said that is not what that piece of metal was for. He also said it was not brass. "shesh!"

I always see different uses for materials and I almost always think about how they can be incorporated into a wedding. I absolutely loved the pictures I found of this industrial wedding. It is totally something I would love to do. Love the work light chandeliers and the "groom" sign made of light bulbs! If you are thinking of doing an industrial wedding theme, give me a call. I will be right over with my pink tool belt!

Owner and Lead Designer

Thin wiring
airplant bouquet

Work Light Chandelier
airplant and work light chandelier

Duct Tubing
air duct centerpiece

Light Bulbs
hanging bulb light strand

coffee bar

Photo Credits: Jessamyn Harris via Green Wedding Shoes


  1. Monica, this is so great! What did you end up using the "brass" rod for?? :)

  2. I ended up still making a brass tree to hang paper lanterns on!


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